The Vanishing Throne, by Elizabeth May | Book Review #179


The Vanishing Throne is the second book to The Falconerby Elizabeth May. If you haven’t yet read The Falconer, there will be spoilers in this review.

26797462Everything she loved is gone.

Trapped. Aileana Kameron, the Falconer, disappeared through the fae portal she was trying to close forever. Now she wakes in an alien world of mirrors, magic, and deception—a prisoner of the evil fae Lonnrach, who has a desperate and deadly plan for his new captive.

Tortured. Time after agonizing time Lonnrach steals Aileana’s memories, searching for knowledge to save his world. Just when she’s about to lose all hope, Aileana is rescued by an unexpected ally and returns home, only to confront a terrifying truth. The city of Edinburgh is now an unrecognizable wasteland. And Aileana knows the devastation is all her fault.

Transformed. The few human survivors are living in an underground colony, in an uneasy truce with a remnant of the fae. It is a fragile alliance, but an even greater danger awaits: the human and fae worlds may disappear forever. Only Aileana can save both worlds, but in order to do so she must awaken her latent Falconer powers. And the price of doing so might be her life…”

If there was one thing that I’d have to tell someone about this book that I liked about this sequel is that there’s still one point of view, which is great to be honest!

Without spoilers, I’ll say that the beginning is kinda heart breaking. The beginning of this moves incredibly fast.

I can’t believe what’s happened in this book! What’s happened is pretty indescribable, and incredibly haunting all at once. No joke, I wrote that in my notes half way through the book, and I still mean it after I finished reading the Vanishing Throne.

As a side note, what’s really irksome is that I feel as though the author has written the events as this book as “no big deal.” Even though they are. They’re a huge deal. Multiple lives were changed in this book, many times. That’s just how I feel at the moment though.


Aside from that I did get my hopes up of seeing a “darker” Aileanna. However, while that didn’t really happen, there were other things, other events in the book that well made up for that fact. I mean Aileanna’s life has been turned upside down multiple times. I’m just waiting for Aileanna to have a major breakdown.

“Just hold back the sea and as many fae as you can. Aithinne and I will do the rest.”
He gives me a look. “Just hold back the sea, she says.”

I literally laughed out loud at that moment because it’s such an un Kairan thing to do, and it just made me smile like a mad man.

I feel like the ending is a very emotional, but with what already happened in the book, I was like, “Eh.” Maybe it’s because I’m a butt. Maybe it’s because, I don’t want to say it… Maybe it’s because I might not be invested in this book as I thought as I was? Maybe it’s finding out that The Vanishing Throne isn’t the last book, but the second book in a trilogy or series. — But I actually do really love the ending to The Vanishing Throne and am looking forward to reading the next book The Fallen Kingdom in 2017.

I’m super excited to see how the third book plays out because of how the ending of The Vanishing Throne has set up the next book. Like, wow. What a way to make me look forward to what happens next.

I ended up giving this book 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Happy Reading!

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