Books that I’m Looking Forward to this Winter 2017 | Part 2

Hello all! So if you can’t tell by now, or if you’re just tuning in, I really like talking about books that haven’t been published yet. I usually post these posts a few days before the end of the month I’m talking about. For example, in this post I’ll be talking about the books that I’m looking forward to in January 2017, but I’ll be posting this a few days before January arrives.

So as you’ve already read, I’ll be talking about the books that will be officially published in January 2017. Compared to last months publishings, January has a ton more books to be ogled over.


January 3

The first book in this series? Duology? is Passenger. I quite enjoyed reading Passenger, and am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Although, I might be borrowing this one from the library, just to see how every thing turns out! I’m most excited to see what happens with Etta and Nicholas. I’m also lowkey looking forward to seeing this ‘flirtation’ that Sohpia has with a new character, Li Min!

January 10

I have no idea what to expect from Windwitch to be honest. I’ve kinda forgotten most parts of Truthwitch, which isn’t all that bad considering that there will more than likely be a recap in Windwitch. I know I’ll re-learn things in this second book. However, by reading Goodreads’ short synopsis for this book leads me to believe that this book will most likely be in a different point of view from Safiya and Iseult. I’m not too excited about that to be honest. I enjoyed their views on things, so hopefully Merik will be interesting.

I can honestly say that I have no idea what I should expect with reading Frostblood. What I do know is that I’m going to put this book out of my mind until I get to read a copy. If I don’t put Frostblood out of my head for the time being(!), I will most likely get my hopes up too high. Seriously, this has happened to me quite a few times already. — Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to see/read what Elly Blake can bring to the table.

January 17

Oh man, I am totally excited for this book! I know that I shouldn’t compare an authors previous work to their new work(s). I am though. I totally am! Carve the Mark looks to be a book that I would enjoy immensely, if not for the action alone. And although I don’t know what to expect exactly, I loved the Divergent trilogy so I hope that Carve the Mark is similar in action.

January 24

Oh man, ohhh man oh man oh man. I can just tell that After the Fall will be packed with a lot of drama. Like, the fact that this main character is sleeping with two brothers. And the fact that this will be revealed during the book. … I can already foresee the explosion of emotions. I have no idea what happens in After the Fall, but I’m hoping that the writing is similar to a splash of cold water: shocking and brutal.

January 31

Drawn in by the pretty and intriguing cover, I was shocked and immediately re-interested in reading The Edge of Everything. The synopsis for this book tells me that there’s going to be a lot of action with some forbidden romance. Which seems like my kind of thing to be honest! I also think that there’s two points of view; switching back and forth from Zoe, a human, and X a…non-human. I like that the synopsis leaves me wondering what exactly X is. I guess I’ll have to read the book to find out what he is and what happens between Zoe and X!

I’m incredibly intrigued by Caraval. I didn’t think much of this book when a few people on tumblr had talked about this book. When I got around to reading the synopsis though, I can see the potential this book has! I’m reminded of The Night Circus, which makes this book all the more intriguing in my opinion. I like that Caraval has this “game-attitude” though. I also believe and now have a rising suspicion that this game will one of life and death as well.

What I love about this book already is that this book features LGBTQIA characters. Books with people who aren’t inherently heterosexual just have a higher standard in my opinion. I’m excited to read a book featuring a Bisexual character!

I’ve put this on the list as well because my sister is very interested in the series. She loved the Poison Study books, as did I. However, I haven’t caught up with the last book yet, and have unfortunately forgotten quite a bit of the books. I also want to read the Glass series that Snyder has out as well.

So these are the books that I’m most looking forward to in January! It’s crazy to think that 2017 is just a few days away!!

What are some books that you’re looking forward to reading in January? New or old? I’d love to know!

Happy Reading!

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