The Devil You Know by Trish Doller | Book Review #155


Eighteen-year-old Arcadia wants adventure. Living in a tiny Florida town with her dad and four-year-old brother, Cadie spends most of her time working, going to school, and taking care of her family. So when she meets two handsome cousins at a campfire party, she finally has a chance for fun. They invite her and friend to join them on a road trip, and it’s just the risk she’s been craving-the opportunity to escape. But what starts out as a fun, sexy journey quickly becomes dangerous when she discovers that one of them is not at all who he claims to be. One of them has deadly intentions. 

Trigger Warning: Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Guns & Gun Violence.

The Devil You Know by Trish Doller is a Young Adult Mystery that I found myself quickly absorbed into the book. I found myself enjoying reading from Cadie’s point of view, and getting to know the characters around Cadie. The Devil You Know has only one point of view, and is a fast read with the Hardcover only being less than 250 pages!

I know I borrowed this book because I was interested in how this story would pan out, but prior to actually sitting down and reading The Devil You Know, I re-read the synopsis and actually started to dread reading the book. — So imagine my surprise that I ended up liking this book as much as I had. It’s not an all time favourite, but The Devil You Know isn’t a bad book either.

I seemed to fall down the rabbit hole that is Cadie’s point of view, for me falling into what this book was about, going along for the “ride” per se was extremely easy and enjoyable. When I read the book, I just seemed to have this tunnel vision and all I could focus on was reading. I actually love when this happens: when the world around me falls away and all that I am in that moment is what I’m reading. — Anyway, I really love Cadie and her point of view. I expected Cadie to be selfish, but she wasn’t, and when she finally stood up and did her thing, I found that this is when Cadie began to shine. Not in a literal sense of course, but I could tell that the book was going to be good.

Matt and Noah’s points of view would’ve been interesting to read from, but I’m glad that it was just Cadie’s point of view. I’m very glad that there was only one point of view. If there were more points of view, I figure that the story would’ve been more predictable than it already was. The Devil You Know wasn’t predictable where I could predict every single movement, but I predicted the “big bang” as I like to call it. Apart from that, there were hints and inklings as there are in every Mystery book. With the characters in The Devil You Know, though, I couldn’t really tell —  I didn’t want to be able to tell who was the bad person. So even though The Devil You Know was predictable, I still found myself enjoying the story. Which is great!

Something that I find myself worrying after having finished a YA Mystery book is if the ending was a happy one. I mean, I’m a total sucker for happen endings. I absolutely feel that when YA Mysteries end badly, that there was something could’ve been changed or rewritten. But with The Devil You Know, I was actually very happy with the ending! And the cover; now having finished the book, the cover and what it represents is incredibly ironic now. I’m actually pretty glad that the cover is as it is. Needless to say, I loved the ending, love the cover, and the story was pretty great as well.

Thanks for reading my review! Have you read The Devil You Know? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven’t, do you think this book is something that you could read?

Happy Reading!

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