5 Young Adult Halloween Book Recs

Hello! Halloween is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to it! My hopes for this Halloween will be to stay at home, watch a movie, and maybe walk around the town a little in my Kawaii Bear onesie.

Halloween-time is always the time where I wish there were more creepy books. And there are books that I’ve always wished for, yet they never seem to arrive. The books that I end up reading are books that more often than not, fail to scare me. I’ll admit I’ve been scared before yet I’ve only been scared a few times with either the legitimate “creep-factor,” or when I’ve been scared out of my wits. The kicker of me being scared though, is that the Horror themed books that usually end up scaring me are not Young Adult (YA) books. They’re usually Fiction books. All the YA books that I’ve read aren’t very scary.

Here are 5 Young Adult books that creeped me out! And they’ve crept me out, so you know that means that they’re at least a smidge’ scary. I’m numbering these books from 1 – 5, 5 being the most scary. Good luck!

  • 1) Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross

Sisters of Blood and Spirit is the first book on this list because to me, this book wasn’t scary at all. In fact, the story was anything but scary. Sisters of Blood and Spirit was a light read that I enjoyed.

  • 2) The Diviners by Libba Bray

I was more angry at this book than scared, but I will admit that the last quarter of this book was interesting enough for me to finish it. The last quarter of the plot seems to heat up and get action-y enough where my adrenaline was going and the scary factor was there. However, The Diviners ended up lacking the “scare” factor that I was craving.

  • 3) Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

If anything, this book scared me because of dolls with those creepy, creepy eyes. And that’s actually a factor in the book that made me frightened. I don’t like dolls in the first place, so to have a haunted doll is just plain ol’ creepy to me.

  • 4) The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco

This is book is where things got interesting!!! I had such a blast reading The Girl from the Well. Honestly! I love that Chupeco wrote about the all familiar “grudge.” The original story line creeps me out beyond belief, so when I started reading The Girl from the Well with only reading a small amount of the books’ description, I was hooked. The scare factor was here in this book, and I was revelling in it. Finally, a book that was scary!

  • 5) The Devouring by Simon Holt

The Devouring was published quite a few years ago. Almost 10 years! And the first time when I read this book, I was probably 14/15 years old. Man, the book starts off with a scare factor right away, and the deeper you get into the story line, the scarier and scarier it gets. By the time that I finished this book, I had to sleep with a light on for a few days, just so I’d know if the shadows were out to get me. The Devouring terrified me the first time I read it.

If you decide to read any of these books, let me know! I would love to hear any and all thoughts you may or may not have.

Happy Reading!

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