Books I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn Part 2 | 2016

If you’ve missed out on Part One of the books I’m looking forward to this autumn, you can click here to be led to Part One! 🙂

Part 2 of 3 is for the month of October. I love October. If I were to choose a favourite month, it would be October. So much happens in my life in October… October for me, is the month that I feel most alive! October holds 3 main events in my life: Thanksgiving; where my family comes together and has a great dinner and a lot of laughs. The second main event is my birthday! I’m born on the 25th of October, and then not even a week later it’s Halloween! I have so many nostalgic Halloween moments… Another thing that happens each month is books being published!

I feel like book publishing companies tend to use October as a “Publish-all-the-scary-you-can,” month. I could be wrong though! I just tend to see way more “scary” books than normal on the shelves.

Let’s get to the books that I’m looking forward to this month, shall we?


October 4

The synopsis for Last Seen Leaving is very compelling. I want to get my hands on a copy of this book ASAP! I actually think that the story behind this book is that the main character has multi-personalities.

The first book, Magonia, was a very interesting read! I’m looking forward to reading Aerie. ….Even though I keep on confusing Aerie with The Shadow Hour (which is the second book to The Girl at Midnight) by Melissa Grey. Maybe because the first book covers are similar? Maybe I borrowed them (Magonia & The Girl at Midnight) at the same time from the library.

If you haven’t yet read Banks’ mermaid series called “The Syrena Legacy” you should! That’s actually why I’m interested in Nemesis; because I immensely enjoyed The Syrena Legacy. Looking at, and reading the synopsis for Nemesis though has me immensely intruiged as to what could/will happen in the story!

I’m mostly excited for this book because of the LGBTQIA themes. One of the main characters is a Transgender boy. I haven’t heard of many books where there is a Transgender character. However, the genre of this book is what interests me most, and that is that When the Moon Was Ours is a YA Fantasy book with Magical Realism!

October 11

I’ve been recommended this book by at least 5 different people on many different occasions. I’ve seen a few pictures of the ARC of this book over on tumblr and on instagram every once in a while, so I’m just gonna read it when I can. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not looking forward to this book too much. I don’t like historical books. However, the synopsis leaves me intrigued. I wonder what will happen!

OK, so I’m really looking forward to this book. Mainly because of the beautiful cover. Yes, it’s somewhat simple, buuut on the other hand it isn’t? I love that the book title on the cover looks like Christmas Lights. I think I’m a little in-love with YA books that are centered around Christmas! — What Light is about two lives that will meet one another and the two will surpass their troubles and meet in the centre. Besides, I’m a sucker for true love stories and Christmas.

October 25

I found that If I Fix You has a great synopsis. The main thing about this book is that Jill’s, the main character, mom leaves, but only leaves a sticky note as her Goodbye-Letter. And no one besides the Jill knows why her mom has left. And being heartbroken over the fact that her mom is gone, leaves a wound so deep within Jill that everything she used to do, like fix cars, people’s relationships, etc., Jill can no longer do. Jill’s best friend is no longer, and the boy who just moved in next door is one seriously cute dude that has some definite scars. Both inside and out. Jill can’t help but try to make his new life a little better, but when that doesn’t work out, Jill realizes that before she can fix anyone she has to go out and fix herself.

These are the books that I’m most looking forward to this October! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to end up reading these — probably from the library when they get them in. Nonetheless, all of the books mentioned have something about them that I like. Either their covers or their synopsis. Either way, all the books have something to offer.

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