Books I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn Part 1 | 2016

I’ve never really done a Seasonal type of post before, where I can talk about the books that are being published that season.. But I figure that Autumn is a great start because I absolutely love Autumn and what Autumn offers. Anyway! Back to the books.

There are quite a few books being published every season, yet, in the book world, Autumn always feels like its the season where publishers dump a truck-load of books into stores. And then we readers are left scrambling trying to find copies of the books we want to read.

The books that I’m most looking forward to this Autumn season are:


September 2

Let me just say that I am in the mood for a good read-scare. I haven’t read a scary book in a long time.The synopsis is intriguing, and genre that this book is, is something that I’m looking forward to already. And the Trees Crept In is a book genre’d as “Horror, Young Adult, Thriller, and Mystery” I’m so excited, but I’m keeping my expectations low as to not get extremely disappointed with the end result.

The Goal is actually the last book in a 4 book saga called the “Off-Campus” series. Each book has a different point of view, so each book has a different story. You could technically read each book as a stand alone, or read the series in order. I found that reading the books in order was better than just reading each book out of order since there are little tidbits from the other stories in the other books. — I’ve read the series via the library, so I have absolutely no idea when I’ll be able to read this last book. …Which is fine because I’m not ready to say goodbye to all of the characters just yet.

September 6

HOLY CRAP I didn’t know that Elite would be out so soon! I feel like it was only yesterday when I read Hunter (and loved it). If you didn’t know Elite is the second book to Hunter and honestly!!! I’m so freaking excited to read Elite; even though I have no idea what will happen. I feel like I need to re-read Hunter! Also, I’ve been typing “Hunger” instead of “Hunter” bahahaha, I guess I’m hungry! Enough of me fangirling though.. I’m honestly super surprised that Elite is being published in less than a week. I think I’m more excited than I am with Empire of Storms!

The Throne of Glass fandom has been waiting for this book since Queen of Shadows came out and frankly, I feel like I’ve been waiting 10 years for EOS to come out. Now there’s only a few days until the book is published! I’m first going to buy it in e-book format so my sister and I can read it at the same time.

Why does that name sound familiar???? – I don’t really know what to expect with this book since The Possibility of Somewhere is a Contemporary novel.. The synopsis is intriguing though, and what I like is that the synopsis doesn’t give too much away. I literally can’t tell what’s going to happen with the main characters, Ash and Eden.

September 13

I have no idea what to expect from this book. Honestly. The synopsis doesn’t give too much away, yet I can tell that it give everything away. And those types of synopsis’ tend to have great plots.

What I already like about Phantom Limbs, is that the synopsis is honest and upfront. I can already tell (and hope) that there are two points of view. One from Meg, and the other, Otis. I literally can’t explain the synopsis without messing it up, but I think you should check this book out.

September 15

I can’t believe that I just found out about this book! Holy crap! Kingdom of Ash and Briars certainly hods my attention! The main character realizes she has this rare power. She can’t decide what to do with her power, and through that, I realize that she’ll be all over the place both physically and emotionally, but wow, what a set up for a book! You should really check this book out on Goodreads if you’re into YA Fantasy/Epic Fantasy/Paranormal Retellings with some Romaaaance!!!

September 20

I’ve read and own the first two books in this series (Snow Like Ashes #1, Ice Like Fire #2), and honestly I’m book elated that Frost Like Night is almost here, but I’m also really anxious about what might happen in this new edition to the series.

A Shadow Bright and Burning is going to be the first book that I’ve read by Jessica Cluess, and I’m actually really excited. Whenever I read the synopsis for the book I get intrigued all over again. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not too excited that this is a Historical novel, but(!) the fact that there’s also a Fantasy element to the story makes me incredibly excited.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Stealing Snow already. I honestly don’t know what to think. I enjoyed Paige’s writing in her first book, Dorothy Must Die, but other than that, I haven’t read any of her other books. Although I am looking forward to Stealing Snow; I’ve been enjoying retellings of stories(!) I don’t yet know what to think because the main pretense of this novel is that Snow is in a mental hospital. I have no idea how this book will play out, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Stalking Jack the Ripper is a YA Historical Mystery, and I’m honestly really iffy about this book. I’ve ended up not liking a bunch of Historical books before, but the fact that Jack the Ripper plays an integral part of this book in some way (I don’t yet know myself [obviously]) makes me interested in actually reading the book.

September 27

I adored her last two books, Cruel Beauty, and, Crimson Bound. Bright Smoke, Cold Fire is one I think I’ll be buying via Kobo (ebook). Nevertheless, I’m super-duper excited to get my hands on a copy.

Since Six of Crows came out, everyone has been raving about the first book. And honestly, I agree with them wholeheartedly. I found that I didn’t have any problems with the book, or the characters, and I even think that I like Six of Crows more than the original Grisha Trilogy. I have no idea when I’ll be able to buy Crooked Kingdom, sadly, but I’m 100% looking forward to reading it in the meantime.

I can already tell by this book that there’s going to be some serious self exploration that the main character will have to do. Especially after the main character’s best friend turns out to be a murderer.

I found this book while looking for books that are going to be published this month, and man, another YA Mystery! I have no idea when I’ll be reading this book, but hopefully one of the libraries I frequent will have this soon!

That’s all for Part One of the Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading this Autumn. And no, this isn’t my September TBR, if that’s what you were thinking. I honestly have no idea when I could read most of these books. It could take weeks, months, even years! But all of these are on my “eventually” TBR pile.

You may have realized that there are only books for September. Yes, that’s true! There are only books for September because I’ve decided to do three parts. One for September, October, and November! (* = Will most likely buy)

Are there any books that you’re excited to read this September??

Thanks for reading!


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