Everything You and I Could Have Been If You and I Weren’t You and I, by Albert Espinosa | Book Review #137

Everything You and I Could Have Been If You and I Weren’t You and I, by Albert Espinosa.

I received this title from Penguin Random House Group Editorial via Netgalley in exchanged for an honest review.


Can you imagine a future where everyone has given up sleeping?

From the creator of the television series Red Band Society and author of the international bestseller The Yellow World comes this uniquely special novel.

What if I could reveal your secrets with just a glance? And what if I could feel with your heart just by looking at you? And what if –in a single moment– I could know that we were made for each other? Marcos has just lost his mother, a famous dancer who taught him everything, and he decides that his world can never be the same without her. Just as he is about to make a radical change, a phone call turns his world upside down.”

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape Mention, Attempted Murder Mention, Torture Mention.

This novel features a semi-cool concept, that features the idea that humans have the option to take something that no longer requires them to sleep. — I don’t know how I feel about this idea because I myself love sleeping, and humans need sleep; my family has proved this many, many times. Nevertheless, the idea is an interesting one.

EYaICHBIYaIWYaI is set in the future, and almost alien to our world. We don’t get much history to the world; but we get a lot of Marcos’ history.

To be quite frank with you, and to be also 100% honest…I still don’t know what this book is absolutely about. When I got to the end of the book, I had the thought of “that’s it?” which, if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand why. I was also very disappointed with the book in general.

Marcos is the main character, and frankly, I don’t like him at all. Marcos has this certain air about him that just pisses me off.  I don’t like Marcos and his POV..I found Maroc to be annoying and … very needy. I thought this book was about a kid in his teen years, but instead Marcos is over 23 years old. I don’t remember if we found his real age or not. Marcos is so very alien to himself. I also believe that Marcos can’t connect with anyone fully, or he won’t.

So there’s a point in this novel where Marcos is about to make a huge life choice decision, and sudden’y he becomes iffy about what he was about to do… All because he sees someone and he just “knows” that he has to meet her and fall in love. Which absolutely pissed me off the first time I tried to read this book. Literally when I first reading that….I just quit reading this book and forgot about it to be honest!

“It happened. I saw her. She was in the middle of the crowded Plaza Santa Ana. Right smack in the middle. She couldn’t have found the exact centre better if she tried.”

The first time I read that sentence, I quit reading the book. I just knew that this book would not be the one for me, because I can’t stand these types of sentences. Unless of course, the author decides to make things interesting by killing the person who the main character is so focused on.

“I don’t believe in love. I believe in sex.”

Okay?? Congratulations? Also, this. This is the type of guy that Marcos is. 

“She hadn’t noticed my presence, she hadn’t felt the way my eyes were glued to her, not shifting for even a second.”

STALKER MUCH???!! I legit looked up from the book and stared at the wall for a bit. — Of course she wouldn’t notice you, you jerk! Stop staring at her like a creep!

I found the ending to be incredibly unexpected, yet the title makes total sense.

This book turned out to be a quick read, and if you couldn’t tell, I didn’t enjoy it.. There were lots of things that were left unended, or were open-and-closed so quickly that I find that maybe these things shouldn’t even have been mentioned.

I ended up not liking the book unfortunately (if you couldn’t already tell). And these were my reasons why. Also: the book on Netgalley is marketed towards Teens & YA, but the main character is literally an adult. I really wish I had enjoyed this book more. It just turns out that there are still books out there that I won’t end up enjoying.

Does anyone else kinda feel like they need to take in a gulp of air from saying that title? I feel like I have to take a breath just form reading that title.

Thank you for reading my review!


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