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I told myself that if I ever got 100 followers, I would do a little Know the Blogger post, just so those of you who don’t know me, would get to know me. Instead, I’ve come across a tag called 25 Bookish Things About Me tag. I decided that this would be infinitely more interesting, so let’s do this!!

  1. I love Young Adult books. I also love New Adult, and a few Adult fiction books, but I primarily read YA.
  2. I sometimes use books as a temporary drink coaster. … Yep! You heard it here, folks. Sometimes I use books (library books more often than not) as temporary drink coasters. This is more than likely totally safe. The libraries that I frequent laminate their hardback book covers.
  3. My reading speed fluctuates depending on the a scene in the book I’m reading.  Example: when there’s a slow scene, my brain will read at the speed of the scene. The exact opposite happens when there’s a fast scene. When there’s a fast scene, my eyes just run over the scene, page, chapter, sometimes even the whole book.
  4. I have well over 350+ (physical) books, and most of them were bought second-hand.
  5. I absolutely love going to different libraries. Just seeing what libraries can come up with in their space is amazing.
  6. I love borrowing library books. Heck yeah! Free books.
  7. I read library books more often than I read the ones I own. For every 10 library books I read, I’ll end up reading one that I own myself.
  8. I adore bookmarks, but I only regularly use a few.
  9. I have a Kobo that I’m in-love with. Fun fact!: I use my Kobo case as a library card holder. Therefore, whenever I go out, I always have my library cards on hand! Sometimes I even get in a e-book mood where I’d rather read e-books than a physical copy of a book.
  10. By the time that this was posted, it’s safe to say that I haven’t read a book that I personally own in well over 3 weeks! So crazy, right?!! I have way too many books out of the library at the moment, and for that reason alone, I don’t have much time to read the books that are on my shelves..
  11. I love reading about books that don’t take place in the United States of America. I love stories in different lands! Reading books where the characters are from, lets say, Scotland (since I have The Falconer on my mind) lets my mind wrap around different places, different times… A different way of living.
  12. I also love reading books by authors who aren’t from America. Reading books that are authored by non-Americans is amazing. It shows that stories from around the world, authors from around the world matter too.
  13. I read something like 300 books in my junior year of high school (11th grade). To take my mind off of my stressful school life (and depression) I would read well into the night! This was when I had my handy-dandy iPod Touch, and would end up reading until 2-3 sometimes even 4AM!
  14. I more than likely have double amount of physical books, as e-books.
  15. There are so many books on both my Kobo and iBooks that I probably won’t be able to read them in this life time. The last time I even bothered to count how many iBooks I had was literal years ago, and that tally was up in the 500+ zone. These days, my Kobo tells me that I have about 200 books on there. So you can figure….there are way more e-books out there…
  16. I read a lot of Erotica and Historical Romance in high school, and now the genre’s don’t really do anything for me. A.k.a., I find them boring now, and try to avoid reading them if I can.
  17. I can’t read in public places. I’m super paranoid about people staring at me. I was even teased about it in high school; which started my paranoia.
  18. I’m finding that I really love YA Dystopian type novels, as well as liking YA Mystery. Lately everything has just added up to the fact that I’m finding Dystopian novels (as well as Mystery) to be more interesting than boring.
  19. I can’t finish a book, and then start reading a different book before reviewing the first book I read. This comes into play even more so when I’m reading a series. I don’t want to get the stories and reviews mixed in my head, so I end up usually taking a few hours between stories, to just recap what I just read, and then prepare my review.
  20. I love bookish photography. I love seeing what people can come up with in their imaginations. And then seeing their work come to light in what they create.
  21. Goodreads is one of the 3 websites I open when I open an internet window. I then open WordPress, and Tumblr.
  22. I will more than likely read a book without a person on the front cover. I find that when books have the main character on the front of the book, not less appealing, but rather…distracting when I try to read that book. If there’s no person on the cover, I can make up what the character looks like! Along the lines of what the author described them as of course…
  23. E-books aside, I do love a good hardcover book, but my love is primarily for paperback novels. Paperbacks tend to be smaller and cheaper than their older siblings, hardcovers. I also love paperback books because I can fit more of them on my shelves. 3 hardcovers can easily be 4 paperback books.
  24. Some people like tea with their books, some like coffee. I however, am finding that a good cuppa hot cocoa sets me in the mood for some cozy reading in bed!
  25. I’ve read over 900 books! That’s crazy! I’ve always told myself that when I hit 1000 books, I’d challenge myself to write a book. I don’t know if that will end up happening or not (probably not). I’ve always hoped to write a book one day, until that day comes, I’ll be content just reading books.

Thanks so much for reading my tag! I don’t know who the originally creator is for the 25 Bookish Things About Me is….but thanks for creating such an interesting tag! If you’re wanting to do this tag, but no one has tagged you, then I tag you! I’d be interested in 25 Bookish Facts About You are!!


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