I Didn’t Read for a Week …

I ended up not reading for a week..

Hello all! Today’s post is about how I didn’t read for a week. There were multipple factors that go into this (mainly Pokemon Go if I’m truly honest), but I want to focus more on how I felt and feel about not reading for a full week.

  • The good things about not reading all the time:

I got closer with my sister. Usually I’m busy reading almost all the time, and during the time when I read, I get super cracky if anyone interrupts my reading. I even get angry at my sister interrupting me reading.

I walked around more that week that I have this whole month thanks to Pokemon Go. I think that in the first three days, I walked like, 25 kilometres. That’s a huge feat for me. I’m not really a exercise person. But with Pokemon Go, I’ve been out more, I’m hanging out with my mom more.

I kinda felt more intune with myself than i have in a while. Without reading so much, I’m able to have a more sense of myself; if that makes sense. My mind isn’t full with what books I had to read, or what I would be reading…

I got sleep!! Usually when I read so much, books are what take up most of my time. As per usual with people who are obsessed with reading books.

I wasn’t all over my media! I’m typically on the computer/apps for a few hours a day, total. When I was otherwise preoccupied, I wasn’t on social media. I was out and about! Exploring the town! Literally. Pokemon Go had me go all over town. It was crazy. And there were so many people out!

I was happy! Happily doing other things that didn’t involve reading! Which was great.

  • The cons about not reading for a week:

I didn’t read or touch a single book for a week. ….Compared to how I usually read 2-3 books a week.

That was pretty much my week a few weeks ago! What I got from this week is that maybe reading all the time isn’t a good thing. I liked going out with my sister, driving around with my mom. …Catching pokemon. All was fun!

My conclusion of that week is: I didn’t read for a week….and it was pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading! Now I’m off to read some books!


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