Library Reads | #17


Hello lovelies! As you can see, I have a Library Reads post for you today! I’ve been trying to put myself on a kind of library ban. I can get books as long as the books are part of a series I’ve started reading, or books that I’ve queued for in the past. — This ban isn’t working though! Which is totally fine, because library books are free for the most part.

Anyway, here are some books that I’ve borrowed from the library! I’m honestly looking forward to reading all of these babies.

Bone Crossed is the fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series, and holy crap! I am very excited to read Bone Crossed. The last book had my feelings all over the place.

On Goodreads, people have listed Lessons from a Dead Girl as a Realistic Contemporary Fiction, featuring Death and Abuse. And I can tell that, in the synopsis, there’s definitely that vibe, and we actually know from the books’ description, that, there is indeed Death in this novel. But what I don’t really understand is that people haven’t listed this book as a LGBTQIA+ book? I definitely got that feeling at the library, when I read what happens in this book.

I expect How to be Brave a type of book where the main character (a girl) has a strong relationship with her mother. There is death in this book, too. So this girls mother dies (we don’t know how). I expect this book to have many firsts, many new revelations, and quite a few happy moments, since the main character describes themselves as a skittish person.

OKAY, so, I was drawn in by the cover, and unexpectedly pulled into the story by reading the synopsis. The premise for this book is actually quite cute. These two kids meet each other on the first day of school; something is drawing them together. They gradually share their first everything’s. I can already tell that these two characters will fall so deeply for each other. And then when I read the last part of the synopsis, I can just tell already what’s going to happen. I honestly really despise that fact already; that I can so easily predict what can happen. But I’m giving Forever for a Year a chance, because I want to be wrong. I want these characters to be able to fall in-love without any repercussions.

Much like Forever for a Year, I think I can tell what’s going to happen. Which really sucks, because the cover is so pretty, and the synopsis for Suffer Love is so great. — These two kids from different families both want to get away, and to get away they find each other. Everyone is telling one of the main characters to “Just let it go.” since she learned that her father cheated on her mother. And Sam, the other character, just wants to forget his parents divorce, and get into a good college where he can “move on to a hassle-free, parent-free life in college.” But then Sam sees Hadley and that practically turns his world upside down. — I’m most excited for the dual point of view. To see what they see in each other, and to see what they see in themselves. I know both of these kids will have some major stuff to go through, so I’ll be happy to just experience whatever they do.

When I grabbed The Devil You Know off of the shelves at the library. I don’t know why I did it, the spine just stood out to me in a sea full of books. The whole point of this book is that the main character, Arcadia, wants adventure after having to grow up way too quickly. Then Arcadia (Cadie) falls into the wrong crowd, I’m assuming, and eventually ends up falling for both of them, and them both falling and/or wanting a piece of her, so they all go on a roadtrip, and that is when everything (Cadie’s plans) go to shit! — I’m actually looking forward to reading this book. I know not to expect much of The Devil You Know, because Mysteries don’t always end up a Mystery to me. I’m looking forward to see whose the secretly evil one!

  • Lead by Kylie Scott

I’ve really enjoyed the last two books, Lick, and, Play. I kind of know what to expect with Lead… I’m stopping myself from reading the books description again, just because I want to get to know Jimmy from my own perspective, instead of being told of who Jimmy is by the synopsis of the book. I expect that Lead will be fast paced, incredibly steamy, and a wild emotional ride.

Infinite is the last book in the Newsoul trilogy, and I’m kind of sad to see this last book in my hands. There’s such a unique way of this story that was written, that just, sticked with me in a way that I didn’t expect. So to have Infinite out of the library is incredibly bittersweet. I can only imagine (until I read) the book to be … explosive. After what happened with the last book, I can only spectate what Infinite will hold. — Here’s my review of Incarnate; the first book.

I know I actually had this book from a different library previously, but, I ran out of time to read it, so I gave it back and borrowed it from my local library, instead! (You can see what I had to say about it in my TBR Tuesday post, or a previous Library Reads post)

Those are the books that I’ve got for this post! Have you read any of these books?

Thanks for reading!


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