Favourite Character Names | Top 5 Wednesday #19


This week’s Top 5 Wednesday post is about the Top 5 Favourite Character Names.

Names hold a lot of meaning, especially in stories. Authors can name a character, and when you look up that character’s name, a lot of pieces will fall into place. Now for me, I personally really don’t care about character names. I mean, it’s a name. However, that doesn’t stop me from having favourite character names.ย 

For me personally, a lot of my favourite character names has to do with the actual characters. If there’s a character that I end up not liking, I usually forget their name because well, to be brutally honest, they would mean nothing to me.

Penryn, is a great name. For me, when I think of Penryn, her name just seems strong and firm. – That it would take a lot to move her.

Maybe it’s just because I love Rhoma so much as a character, but her name really suits her as well. Rhoma’s name kinda feels like home. If you could give home a name. The name also feels like a security blanket would. – You would feel safe with her.

Karou is a character who has a lot of questions, but knows when and not to ask them. Karou is courageous beyond belief, and doesย so much for those she loves.

I usually hate the name “Scarlet.” I honestly do. But for Scarlet’s character, her name totally suits her. She’s the character who fits the quote “though she may be little she is fierce.”

Penryn, Rhoma, Karou, and Scarlet are all the names that I can think of, for now. I know that there are a lot of names out there in the world / obviously / but when it comes down to it, names are just names. I really truly believe that it’s the character -the who- of a person that matters most. Someone could call themselves James when really their name is Brittany, and I wouldn’t care. I’ll call them whatever they want to be called.

Thank you for reading my post! Are there any names that you love?


4 thoughts on “Favourite Character Names | Top 5 Wednesday #19

  1. Ara | The Bookish Agenda says:

    I loved Karou’s name, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the name Scarlet, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the character hehe ๐Ÿ™‚


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