Edge of Disaster by A.M. Hargrove | Book Review #122

Alexia Hammond, broken and destroyed by a tragedy she can’t seem to recover from, is on a downward spiral toward destruction. A life of partying, alcohol, drugs and men has brought her near the edge of disaster. That is until one night while at work as a waitress in an upscale restaurant, she falls under the spell of one of her customers, Pearce Middleton. Once she gazes into his smoky gray eyes, her life takes on new meaning. But can she put her past behind her and allow herself to fall for the exciting and gorgeous Pearce, or will her lewd behavior come back to haunt her and ruin her chances of happiness forever?

If you like cheesy adult contemporary  romance novels where the main character falls in-love with a doctor, and they move incredibly too quickly, and they pretty much have insta-orgasms together, then Edge of Disaster is for you.

However, I didn’t know that Edge of Disaster would be like that. When I downloaded this book, I had high hopes for the novel. And then when I actually started reading this book, and got far enough into the story to form an opinion… I formed opinions. 

This book is not the Edge of Disaster, it is a disaster. Let me start off with the writing. The writing is alright as far as writing goes. However the style of writing is just horrible.. The writing is horrific. I powered through until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The main character, Alexia, is a wreck. Honestly. She slut shames herself to the extreme, and she has major pity parties in her head. She thinks that everything that has happened to her is her fault, and that she should just be left alone to rot in self pity.

The love interest, Pearce, is a doctor and filthy rich. Rich as in, the family name is well known around town and the family is made up of like, 4+ doctors. And he’s taken a liking to Alexia, and will not leave her alone until she agrees to have a date and or dinner with him.

Since the town that they live in is pretty small from what I gathered, these two run into each other a lot. like, a lot a lot. As in, if you run down the street and not pay attention to where you’re going you’ll more than likely run into one another.

I have to be completely honest with you. I am usually able to put aside my thoughts on a book until I’ve completed the reading. However, with Edge of Disaster I only got half-way through reading. If someone were to kidnap me and find a way to torture me, all they’d have to do is make me read Edge of Disaster. Honestly.

What really bothers me about this book is how over dramatic everything is. There were a few times in this novel where I thought the author had cleaned up their writing skills, but then the style of writing went back to it’s original style. And I absolutely abhor how quickly Pearce and Alexia move in their relationship. They meet one day while Alexia is working at one of her jobs, and then a few days go by. The two run in to each other, they have a drink, go separate ways, and then something life threatening happens to Alexia and then they’re pretty much together 24/7 after that.

Then!! They somehow get together to go on another date, that ends up with them confessing their love to one another, and then one of the two asks them to move in with them, and then LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY, one of the two states that they’re going to get married someday.

I hate this book. And I hate putting that out there, but I feel like I need to because it’s just…so…bad.. If I were to actually rate this book out of five stars, I wouldn’t rate it at all. However, I feel like I should rate it, so I’m giving this book a one of out five stars.

I haven’t hated a book this much for a while.

If you want to see Edge of Disaster on Goodreads you can do so by clicking here. I don’t even want the title/cover page to be on my blog..

Thank you for reading my review on Edge of Disaster. Today’s review wasn’t as typical as they usually are.. If you’ve read Edge of Disaster, what did/do you think of it?



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