Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin | Book Review #102


Tessa McCaide has a unique talent for getting into trouble. Then again, it isn’t easy for a girl with visions to ignore what she sees. Luckily Tessa and her family are leaving California and moving halfway across the country, giving her the perfect opportunity to leave her reputation as “Freaky Tessa” behind.

But Tessa doesn’t realize that kissing the wrong guy in her new Texas town could land her in far more trouble than she ever imagined. Like being forced to attend St. Ailbe’s Academy, a secret boarding school for werewolves.

Even if the wrong guy did accidentally turn her into one of “them” and doom her to attending the weirdest high school ever, Tessa can’t help her growing attraction to the mysterious Dastien Laurent.

When vampires attack St. Alibe’s and her visions pinpoint an enemy in their midst, Tessa realizes that boy drama and her newfound canine tendencies might just be the least of her problems.

OK, so, I really enjoyed this book. Like, way more than I thought I would. The story moves so quickly and so effeciently that it’s like the story moves like a boat on water. Of course there are times where the waters are choppy, and that’s where the story comes in. The beginnings of this book were very choppy. The main characters interactions with the people around her feel a tad bit forced.

I also like how not everything in the book feels like bullshit, like nothing happened for no reason at all. Example: the author didn’t just throw in a boomerang to spice things up.

I honestly found this book a little touch and go at the beginning; just because of how separated Tess was and felt about the people around her. Tess more often felt left out because of her condition, and when she was forced into the outer world Tess literally seemed to cave in on herself and hide.

Soon though it seems like the author, or maybe even Tessa, has found her place in the world and everything is fine. Tess’ interactions aren’t choppy at all anymore. It seems like she really grew into her skin. Where before she always herself, and now she just…almost exudes confidence. It’s amazing; the change she went through

I thought that this book would totally be predictable but surprisingly, it wasn’t. The story and the plot kept me on my toes for most of the story!

I really like the characters in Becoming Alpha as well. We meet a lot of people. Her dad, her mom, her brother. And then we meet more people who literally turn her world upside down. I’m really glad that Tess’ familial support is strong and unwavering. Her family is there when she needs them, and they’ll still be here for her if she doesn’t need her.

I really like what Tess’ views bring to the table, and that her views make the other kids think. I also really love how Tess just has this Alpha attitude. I mean, literally though: Alpha attitude. — which makes Tess totally badass!

The ways the second book could go are never ending!! I’m actually really excited as to what the second book brings to the table. I can’t get my head around that something bad will happen; I mean, when does it not? The story has to keep the readers interested somehow. Buuuut!! I’m excited for all the characters as well. There are so many chances for romance!! Let me tell you!!! I actually won’t, because SPOILERS!! So you’ll just have to read the book to see what I’m talking about.

There are some things that happened in this book that I’m still wary about, but only time (and the next book!) will tell what will happen.

Thank you for reading my review of Becoming Alpha, by Aileen Erin. If you decide to read this book, I’d be so happy if you were to tell me what you thought of the book. Especially if you’ve read it! I love hearing people’s thoughts on books we’ve read.

If you want to check out Becoming Alpha on Goodreads, all you have to do is click the cover above!

Thanks again!


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