TBR Tuesday | #3

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Hello reader/s! How are you doing today? I hope it’s your favourite type of weather where ever you are.

Today’s TBR Tuesday post are about the books Beautiful Creatures, and Starcrossed.


These two books are actually on my TBR pile to be read as soon as possible. I was debating on getting rid of the books. I have the first and second books for both books, so I didn’t want to give them away without reading them first..and so far I haven’t gotten around to reading the books at all. They’ve been sitting on my shelf for a while. I only moved them down to the bottom shelf so I would remember that they’re there, but so far, they’ve blended into the wall so well.


I was given this book by my cousin after she read it. She said that Beautiful Creatures would be a book more up my alley since I’m more into the YA scene. I look forward to reading Beautiful Creatures though, because of the movie. I KNOW!! Cringe-worthy. I cringe inside every time I think of that reason. I haven’t yet read it though because this book always falls back to the shelves of my mind. There are just more important and flashy books to read!

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to reading about Lena’s and Ethan’s adventure. — I’m starting to get the feeling that this book is told from two points of view, which I’m not minding at the moment, but will probably be bothered by when I actually get around to reading the book.

What I’m most excited about for Beautiful Creatures is, getting to know the characters in a way that I didn’t get to in the movie, and getting to know what actually happened. And I’m seriously so excited for the end of the book — to see if the ending of the movie is like the ending of the book. The ending of the movie killed me inside, and I just really need to know what happens in the book version ending. And then see what happens after that ’cause there isn’t a second movie!! So I’m really looking forward to Beautiful Creatures.


Starcrossed is a book that I haven’t really heard much about, and the reason for that may be because the book itself was published quite a few years ago. I know I’ve seen this book over on tumblr, but the majority of those posts where only pictures of the book. I haven’t seen people raving about Starcrossed, I don’t think, ever.

I myself am intrigued by the story. On Goodreads the page for Starcrossed says that this book has Greek Mythology, and I am a sucker for Greek Mytho’s books. Truly.

Starcrossed sounds like any other YA book of its time (2011) unfortunately. It’s probably just me; it usually is, but even though I’m intrigued by what may happen in the book, I’m keeping my expectations low. Like, so low, that you can’t walk under the bar of my expectations.

That’s all for this week’s TBR Tuesday post! Tell me, have you read these books? If you have, what did you think of them? If you haven’t read either of these books, do you think you will?

Thanks for reading!


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