Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl | Book Review #95


Enter the world of the Avengers’ iconic master spy…

Natasha Romanoff is one of the world’s most lethal assassins. Trained from a young age in the arts of death and deception, Natasha was given the title of Black Widow by Ivan Somodorov, her brutal teacher at the Red Room, Moscow’s infamous academy for operatives.

Ava Orlova is just trying to fit in as an average Brooklyn teenager, but her life has been anything but average.The daughter of a missing Russian quantum physicist, Ava was once subjected to a series of ruthless military experiments—until she was rescued by Black Widow and placed under S.H.I.E.L.D. protection. Ava has always longed to reconnect with her mysterious savior, but Black Widow isn’t really the big sister type.

Until now.

When children all over Eastern Europe begin to go missing, and rumors of smuggled Red Room tech light up the dark net, Natasha suspects her old teacher has returned—and that Ava Orlova might be the only one who can stop him. To defeat the madman who threatens their future, Natasha and Ava must unravel their pasts. Only then will they discover the truth about the dark-eyed boy with an hourglass tattoo who haunts Ava’s dreams…”

So there are 3 points of view to this story. First, we see Natasha Romanoff’s point of view, then a kid named Alex, and then a girl around the same age as Alex, named Ava.

Now I can’t say much for fear of spoiling anything. So bear with me, this could be a short review!

Natasha Romanoff is exactly how she is in the movies. She’s just as sassy, just as protective, just as..everything. Margaret has managed to capture the essence of Natasha and put it down onto paper. Somehow though, there was more to Natasha?

Alex is very much a mystery throughout this whole story. While we do see his point of view semi-often, we don’t see his view often enough where we know what he might be thinking when we’re not in his view of things. I actually like Alex though. He has a hero complex, and while that usually makes me mad in other books, the author didn’t let that be the focus of Alex. Which I honestly really appreciate because I hate characters who get in the way of everything.

Ava is who this story is all about. We read a fair amount of this story in her view, so we get to know what she’s thinking a lot. What I liked about Ava’s view is that she has a fresh look on, and of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agency.

A thing that I think is cool that happens in this book is that at the end of each chapter, there’s this interlude. In the interlude, there’s both a recap of the past chapter that you read, and a premonition; kind of, of what happens in the next chapter. I have no idea how the author has managed to do that, but she has and I have to applaud her for that. Another thing that I like about the physicality of this book is the chapter header images. Not to mention, the cover… The cover is so freaking pretty I can’t even.

So the story is a complicated one. Obviously. More than that though, we get to know characters from a different light. Margaret was actually asked to write this book. How awesome is that?! Anyway. We get to know not only the Black Widow in a different aspect, but we get to know more about her, and we’re introduced to two other people who I wouldn’t ever think would be introduced to us.

Black Widow: Forever Red was an interesting read. We see characters that we’ve seen in the movies, on TV, in a different light. There are unthinkable things that happen in this book. Like, the reason why this all happened. And a death that was completely uncalled for. The pace of this book is fast when the action happens, and slower when things are calmer. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know the characters. I didn’t think I would ever get to know characters like Natasha, Alex, and Ava. Black Widow: Forever Red brings an new insight to the Marvel world and it’s characters.

P.S.: I am so freaking excited, and looking forward to the other marvel books that are being written!

Thank you for reading my review of Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl.


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