Library Reads | #13 – Part One


Hello all! I hope you all have had a great day or night, depending on where you are!

If you don’t know the purpose of these library reads, it’s to be able to recall my thoughts on books that I’ve borrowed from the library, before reading them.

This is what I’ve recently borrowed:

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

It really seems like everyone has the Historical Fiction YA bug going around…ANYWAY! The Falconer takes place in Scotland in the year of 1844. The main character is 18 years old, and apparently has everything women of her era could ask for. That alone would turn me away from the story, but reading on in the synopsis, it reads that Aileana is leading a double life in that she can sense the síthichean. Who are a race of Fae obsessed with slaughtering humans.

I honestly think that there are a lot of things going for this book. However, I have no idea if I’ll actually like it. The main prospect of me not liking it leads to the fact that the book is set in 1844. I hate historical fiction. I hate how people treated women back then; it bothers me so much! – The fact though, that the story is not just a Historical Fiction is great. I like the aspect of the Fae being in this novel. I can appreciate already, how there’s a supernatural/paranormal twist in the story! I hope that’s the main focus of The Falconer.

As for my predictions, I truly think that the “mysterious mentor” is a síthichean themselves! As for the book itself, I like the feel of the book in my hands. And I love the cover as well. The cover is soo pretty. I have no idea what I’m saying! I’ve never really just held a book in my hands and thought about the actual book. Is it weird for me to say that the book is a good width?

These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker, Kelly Zekas

THE YEAR IS 1882 are you kidding me??  and the main character, Evelyn is bored with society and its expectations. /I’m not even from that time, and I’m bored with it all/ But then one day her sister goes missing; I assume just to spice things up a little. So Evelyn goes to London to find her sister, Rose. Along the way though some guy name Mr. Kent is on the trip accompanying Evelyn. Soon after that, there’s another character introduced and says that Evelyn and her sister are people with special abilities. They can heal people.

I have no idea what is going to happen in this book. I am excited however, for the  blurb at the top of the GoodReads page for These Vicious Masks “Jane Austen meets X-­Men in this gripping and adventure-­filled paranormal romance set in Victorian London.

Fates by Lanie Bross

The description on GoodRead’s is different than the one from the book. So I’m going to tell you the synopsis that’s on the book, here, and then the other synopsis you will be able to read via the link in the title.

‘Her fate is to kill him. His fate it to love her. 

Punished and sent to Earth form her tranquil life in Puralis Terra, Corinthe never questions her destiny. She follows orders, making sure people’s destinies unfold according to plan. And now going home is within her grasp. 

But Luc, the boy Corinthe is supposed to kill as her last assignment, knows there’s something more than fate to believe in: love.’

As far as I know, this book is another book about fated angels. The main character has to kill this one guy, and the guy that she has to kill has been fated to love her. Which is confusing in itself. Buuut, also on GoodRead’s, it says “Perfect for fans of Jennifer Armentrout, Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent, and Sarah J. Maas, and for girls who love all things pretty, romantic and inspirational.

The one thing that I’m not really looking forward to is that Fates is the beginnings of another angel love story that spans over a trilogy of books.

Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch

Perfected is this book that I’ve been honestly looking forward to for a while. Then as usual I forgot about this book. When I went to the library and found this on on of the shelves, I was reminded of how much I wanted to read this story. So the story is going to be super similar to the Chemical Garden trilogy (by Lauren DeStefano) and the Selection series (by Kiera Cass). I haven’t yet read the Selection series; I hope to one day.

Perfected is about a girl in a world where they’ve managed to breed humans to be able to serve their owners. Make sense? Te government has passed a legislation where human DNA can be altered to make the humans who’re bred to be butlers; for a lack of a better word. As soon as that legislation passed, the rich came down to buy all that they could.

And then these girls; I don’t know about guys, were born and raised to be these ‘graceful, demure, and above all, perfect, these “family companions” enter their masters’ homes prepared to live a life of idle luxury‘. I can only see where this book is going. And the cliché; which I can see myself liking in this story? is where this serving girl falls in-love with the congressman’s son. — The person who owns her is a congressman. I’m already getting angry with this book, people!! Ughhhh. BUT, the books synopsis redeems itself. To make things interesting, it seems that the main character gets kidnapped.

Notes From Ghost Town by Kate Ellison

I’m really looking forward to this book!!! The synopsis on GoodRead’s pretty much says that the main characters best friend; Stern, was murdered by her mother. And then when her mother is incarcerated, her dad gets engaged, and Olivia (the main character) hates her soon-to-be step-mother, Heather. Olivia’s father is working a lot on his real estate development. Olivia conveniently calls it Ghost Town. And to throw loooove into the mix, a mysterious new guy named Austin shows up, evoking feelings in Olivia since Stern.

Now the synopsis on the actual book is different than it is on GoodRead’s. Here it is:

From critically acclaimed author Kate Ellison comes a heartbreaking mystery of mental illness, unspoken love, and murder.
When sixteen-year-old artist Olivia Tithe is visited by the ghost of her first love, Lucas Stern, it’s only through scattered images and notes left behind that she can unravel the mystery of his death.
But there’s a catch: Olivia has gone colour-blind, and there’s a good chance she’s losing her mind completely–just like her mother did. How else to explain seeing (and falling in love all over again with) someone who isn’t really there?
With the murder trial looming just nine days away, Olivia must follow her heart to the truth, no matter how painful. It’s the only way she can save herself.

Like I said above, I’m really looking forward to reading this book! I hope that there will be a lot of action.

The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins

I love love loved Higgins’ Sweet Evil trilogy, so I hope that The Great Hunt is just as great. The cover is super pretty, and The Great Hunt is a fairy tale retelling supposedly. I’m keeping my self in the dark as to what The Great Hunt is about. Higgins’ books are just better that way in my opinion.

Asunder by Jodi Meadows

Asunder is the second book to Incarnate. I’ve read this book now, and let me tell you: so. much. happened! There were so many events in this novel, holy craaaap!!

Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Another book that I read in the time that I borrowed from the library, and posting this post. Review to come soon!

Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

Forever Song is the third book in the Blood of Eden series. I don’t know if im going to read this. I had in my mind that I would somehow get this book buy buying it. I haven’t though, and I don’t think I will buy it. – I’m just so stubborn like that.

Haze by Paula Weston

Haze is the second book in the Rephaim series written by Paula Weston. In hindsight I  really enjoyed Shadows; which is the first book. I hope that I can enjoy Haze as much as I did Shadows, if not more. I’m going to keep myself in the dark about the happenings of Haze as well. Books are just better when you don’t know what’s supposed to happen.

Storm Dancer by Jay Kristoff

I initially found Storm Dancer via GoodReads. I wanted to actually go out and buy it because the chapters that I mostly go to now, has them in paperback. -I’m sucker for paperback books..- As far as I know, if I deciphered the books description correctly, Storm Dancer is about a girl who has special abilities, and if these powers are discovered, she can get executed. This girl also assists her father on a journey to capture a legendary creature. But while her father and herself are on this journey, they get separated? And then somehow she comes into this creatures midst, and while they’re trying to get out of their situation, they forge a bond. On the outside of all of this, the town, city that she’s from, or maybe it’s the capital, is on the verge of collapsing. Storm Dancer sounds like an epic journey to be honest. — I also got books 2 and 3! They were all at the library, so why not, right? Libraries are usually free.

The Astrologer’s Daughter by Rebecca Lim

This book I’m guessing is a YA Mystery novel. The main characters mother has this ability to read the stars correctly, and one night the MC’s mom freaks out. And then she disappears. When she disappears though, the police supposedly aren’t asking the right questions, which leads to the main character to instigate an investigation of her own. This main character has inherited her mom’s abilities and soon discovers a link between her mothers disappearance, and a cold-case murder.

Made For You by Melissa Marr

Eva Tilling, the main character, is sent to the hospital after someone intentionally hits her car. When she wakes up, she realizes she has the strange ability to foresee people’s deaths when they touch her. That’s what I know what happens in the book, and frankly, that’s what made me borrow the book.

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

So I’ve read Soundless, and I’ve read the Vampire Academy Series. I haven’t yet read Bloodlines yet, nor have I read The Glittering Court. I was happy to find out that the library had this in! I don’t yet know what this is about. I’ve heard that even though a lot of us thought that this book was about Fae, it isn’t. Which is honestly very confusing. I’m gonna give The Glittering Court a chance though, and if I don’t end up liking it, no big deal!

That’s all I’m going to list on this post!! There’s already a lot of books on this list, and I’m making this a two parter! I’m going to try to get part 2 up on Monday, so stay tuned friends!


3 thoughts on “Library Reads | #13 – Part One

  1. thelibromaniac says:

    I’ve read perfected. It’s really good! The premise of the book is about how wrong it is, so it’s not as enraging as it seems. Plus, there are some huge twists that are really amazing and seeing the book from the girl’s eyes gives it a really great new perspective.


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