Books With Difficult Topics | Top 5 Wednesday #11


This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is focusing more on the “hard” books. Meaning: books that deal with (but not secluded to) mental health, sexual assault, illness, etc. I feel so bad for leaving the et cetera in there. But it’s there.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover is literally the first book that came to my mind when I started typing this post out. Hopeless, aside from what happens, is a great book. The main character is great. She tries new things, goes out with a boy, but then something happens and then her world shatters around her. Trigger Warning: (Incestuous Rape, Child Abuse, Rape, Molestation, Kidnapping, Suicide, Gun Violence, Depression, Pedophilia)

I Was Here by Gayle Forman is the second book that came to mind. Anyway. Gayle Forman is one of my faovurite authors and honestly, this book is one that made me feel a lot of things. First off, there was anger for the way the main character acted like, and then in retaliation, the way another character acted back to the main character. This book definitely has a rocky start, but who, and what, the actual book is about is a difficult and different story. Trigger Warning: Suicide

And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard has a truly struggling story. The main character is put through things that no person should ever be put through. It’s a small book, but it packs a mean punch when I think back on the story. The MC of the story deals with an unimaginable thing. In the wake of these events, she struggles with her depression and is often trying to work through her troubles. Of course, she struggles, and in that we see her grow as a person and move on.  Trigger Warning: Abortion, Suicide

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – I haven’t read this story, but I know for a fact that there’s mental illness that takes place in this book. A lot of people have differing opinions on this book. Thankfully though, their opinions are not my own. Trigger Warning: Mental Illness

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a book that many people know well. And when it is mentioned, there are quite a few people that will roll their eyes, or shake their head a little. I’ve read this book, and the ending to this story tore me apart. A lot happens in this book. Even though this book primarily focuses on death, there’s a lot of life in this book too, and I think people seem to forget about that.. Trigger Warning: Terminal Cancer, Depression, Disability, Hypochrondra

This post is a little on the down side, I know. But these books are as important as breathing. They truly are. The fact that so many people can connect with these books just proves that in all of our languages, we’re all human.

Thanks for reading!



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