Rainy Day Reads | Top 5 Wednesday #10


This weeks topic for Top 5 Wednesday is about Rainy Day Reads! I’m taking this as books that would be perfect to read on a rainy day. I have no idea about you, but when I read during the day, the atmosphere around me has to match the feel I’m getting from the book I might potentially read. I like to immerse myself in the books I read. Maybe that’s why I often find myself reading at night or in the early mornings when no one would bother me..

So when it’s raining, I like to read a book that will have a warm atmosphere around it. The same goes for generally cold days, or in the winter. Books that would take place in Summer would be perfect! If you want to read a darker book though, say, something creepy, a rainy day would be another great time to read whatever came to your mind! Here are the books that I would recommend:

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson is a great rainy day read. I would especially read this book if in your local weather forecast, there’s a week’s worth of rain. Unless you read quickly. Since You’ve Been Gone is a mighty book and I’m pretty sure that it took me a few days to read it. I like the story and characters in Since You’ve Been Gone. They all seem young and innocent in a way. Like maybe that they’re in a small town where it’s big enough to not know everyone, but you know a lot of people by association. – I would recommend this to anyone who loves a Young Adult Contemporary Fiction.

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa is a book that I didn’t think that I would mention. I was looking at the spine of the book on my shelf and suddenly it occured to me that The Immortal Rules would be a perfect book to read on a rainy day. The semi-darkness tone to the book would create the perfect atmosphere aided by the cloudy & rainy day outside. It’s like dipping a cookie into a glass of milk. You don’t think they’d go together, but you try it, and suddenly there’s no other way to eat your cookies. In this case to read your book, but still, the analogy works!

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. That sentence is a mouthful! Well worth saying though. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves a Young Adult Contemporary Fiction, with a main character who has yet to come to terms with his true self. I especially like this book because I have a real connection with Aristotle and his connection to his dad.

Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. The link is just a link to the series on GoodRead’s. Okay, a little about this series: you can read each book without spoiling the last. To get a real feel of what happens at the end of Isla’s book though, I’d really suggest reading these books in order of publication. Each book is totally different from the last; this trilogy is really like a companion series. Each name belongs to a girl who has her own story. Personally, my favourite of the three is Lola’s story.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo would be a great book to read on a rainy, overcast day. When I first read Six of Crows, I was sucked into this world where the sun doesn’t seem to shine. I know though that in some parts of the book it does. I just had the scenes played out in my mind that everything was dark and depressing. Aside from that note though, Six of Crows would be a great book to snuggle up with on a cold day.

These five books are the books that I would gather around me on a rainy day. Of course, I’d have my curtains open, my TV on with the Shaw FireLog playing. I’d be snuggled up in blankets with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. What is a book that you’d read on a rainy day?

Thanks for reading!


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