Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Being Irish is weird to me. I love being from Irish dissent, but my family doesn’t really do anything Irish.. I must confess, I don’t know much about Saint Patrick’s Day. I remember reading that he was actually a huge jerk somewhere.. Any-hoozle! Saint Patrick’s Day is the day where you’d make little crafts of red headed folks, pots of gold with a rainbow leading to the other pot of gold.. Saint Patrick’s Day, to me, is the day in elementary school where we’d stop regular school and do crafts all day. As we grew older the crafting stopped, and the teasing began. If you didn’t wear green, you’d get pinched. And then, of course, there’s the drinking. Adults would go to the bars and get drunk and -hopefully- have a good time. And today I don’t feel like doing crafts, or baking anything. So that leaves books! Books are the one thing that I will go for, rain or shine!! Today in Vancouver, it’s a bright sunny day. I’m home and am having some fresh air run through the house.

Onto the books, shall we!


Here are most (if not all) of my Green books that are Young Adult. The three books that we can see the cover of are some of the Green covers that I find to be really, really pretty. – I’ve read 11/21 books in this top photo. Ive read The Darkest Part of the Forest, Shadow Kiss, Waking Storms, The Maze Runner, Insurgent, Isla and the Happily Ever After; this book is actually a companion novel /slash/ standalone novel. You can either read the whole trilogy, or read the books separately.. And then there’s Since You’ve Been Gone, Last Sacrifice, Fangirl, Hold Still, and Heir of Fire!

I really like the books I’ve read in the above picture. (And I’m loving the picture I took!) The books; some stand alone’s, some part of a series, have brought me so much joy. Reading just fills me with emotion!!

The other ten books I haven’t read: Matched, The Summer Prince, My Name is Memory, The Kiss of Deception, Linger (second in the series called The Wolves of Mercy Falls), Blue Lily, Lily Blue (third in the series called The Raven Cycle), The Last Ever After (third and last book in The School for Good and Evil trilogy), Not a Drop to Drink, Deep Betrayal (second book to Lies Beneath trilogy), and lastly, Anatomy of a Misfit.

Now I’ve heard all kinds of things with these books. I’ve heard some say their differing opinions, and some say that these books have destroyed them in the best way possible. I don’t know what these books will bring me. I know that each story is different, and just the fact that these books are all different makes me so happy. I mean, with one book, there’s a blind character. In another, a boy can take whatever he thinks of out of his dreams. In another it’s a dystopian novel and they have to protect their water since it’s the last of the clean water in their area; or world! I don’t know though, I haven’t read the book yet.



Here are the Non-YA books that I have, that are green! I’ve only partially read Late Nights on Air. So, The White Mary, Five Ways to Fall, and A Storm of Swords are the books in this picture that I haven’t read yet.

I know that The White Mary is a stand alone, which should be nice whenever I get around to actually reading it.
Five Ways to Fall is the fourth (4th) book in a New Adult series called Ten Tiny Breaths. I don’t really know what it’s about, but I’m hoping that this series will be a companion series.
And lastly, there’s A Storm of Swords. I still haven’t read the first book, A Game of Thrones though. I’ve tried reading it multiple times! I swear! Each time I do though, I almost fall asleep. So I always end up putting it on my nightstand, and it sat there for a year. Then I moved it to my shelves.

What are some of your favourite green books?

I would have to say that my favourite green book as of late would have to be The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I know that the cover is mostly white, but there is a fair amount of green in there too. I love the detailing in the cover! And the story! I haven’t read this book for a while but what I do remember is an epic journey. I love the book so much!

I’m pretty sure that’s it for this post! If you’ve made it this far, then thank you! Thank you so much for reading! Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Or do you just go on as if today was just another day; which, it is..

Thanks again!



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