Library Reads | #11


Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about what books I have out from the library! And at the moment, I have literally so many books borrowed from the library.

I actually still have the books from Library Reads #10… but now I have -I’m guessing- 20 more books? It’s a lot. Even for me, the frequent library patron. Let’s just get into it, it’s going to be a long post…

From my local library, I have out 12 books.

The first being, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I’ve heard so much about this book. And while at first, I didn’t want to read it, I’ve decided that borrowing this book from the library won’t hurt anyone. If I end up not liking it, no problem. I can just return it. I might actually just return this book, because I have no idea when I’ll be actually getting around to reading the story. For now though, it’s a pretty book to have on the shelf.

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs is a book that I wouldn’t think that I’d be reading right now. But here I am, reading it off and on. I don’t really know what to think because I didn’t really like the first book. I’ve been told that the series only gets better with each book. So I’m trusting my friends in my decision to read Hollow City. I will say though that Hollow City has been an amusing read so far.

Jackaby by William Ritter is a book that I feel like I’ve had out since last year. I think I actually returned it, then requested it again. I think I’m going to return it again and leave it for now. I’m not really in the mood right now to start another book set back in time.

Amity by Micol Ostow was picked up when I went to return a book at the library, and saw that they had redone the teen section. I saw Amity and picked it up because the cover of the book looked familiar.

Winterspell by Claire Legrand is a book that I initially heard about on tumblr. I was scrolling down my feed and saw it, brushed passed it but then something caught my eye about the post. It said that Winterspell was a take on the Nutcracker. I actually really liked the Nutcracker play when I saw it in first grade. I also like the Barbie movie version, haha. And I like the accompanying music.. It’s safe to say that I really like the Nutcracker. So this take on the tale? I’m super excited to read it.

Nightfall by Jake Halpern, & Peter Kujawinski  – I’m actually surprised that I still have this book. I haven’t read it yet, but I hopefully will soon? I never know when I’m going to read the library books I borrow, haha.

Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine I’ve been interested in this book for a while now. I think a few months before the book actually came out? I had plans to buy this book when it first published but those plans fell through because I don’t have money. So the next best logical (and best) thing was the check it out from the library!

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow – I had the chance to buy this online off of Kobo, but didn’t because the library has it, haha. And with re-reading the synopsis of The Scorpion Rules, I’m interested in the plot of the book.

Earth Girl by Janet Edwards is a book that I’ve borrowed and returned multiple times. I should really get around to reading this story. I’m actually really interested in reading this book, even though I haven’t (yet). Honestly, I keep on forgetting that I have it.

Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano is yet again, a book that 1 – I’ve had for a while now, and 2 – have been waiting to read for a long time! Nearly Found is the second book to Nearly Gone, and I honestly really liked reading the story so I’m pretty excited to read it.

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies is a story that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time to be honest. I like the idea that there could be angels in this story, or there could be Fae in the story. Either one would be awesome. I just know that there’s going to be a love triangle. Kinda looking forward to it, kinda not.

Taken by Erin Bowman is a book that is a dystopian novel. in this story though there’s this town where the main character is from, and when the males of that town turn 18, they get taken away. I’m honestly so freaking intrigued by this book. Why are they taken once they turn 18? And it’s only the males that get taken as well. It’s so freaking weird.

Now these are the books that I have to travel a little farther for. I find that it’s totally worth it though, because the books I get from this library are usually the ones that my local library doesn’t have.

Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a book that I thought was about mermaids, but it’s not. Wah. It’s actually about Fae though, and that’s just as great! No matter what the story is about though, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy reading Wicked.

Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout is supposedly a scary book, and I don’t get scared easily by books. So reading this book should be interesting.

Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt is a story that I think will be hard to read. I figure that the character’s family will treat her like she’s fragile, and while she is a little fragile, she won’t break easily. People who are perceived as broken are often the strongest people. I also expect this book to be kind of fast paced. So we’ll see!

The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke Ooh, this should be good! A girl who doesn’t know she has magic binds herself and an assassin together!! Ooh!! I can only imagine the hate that will grow to be love!! I am super excited about this book! But I’ve heard taht there was going to be a third book but because this one, and the second book didn’t do too well, they stopped printing the books? If that’s true, then that sucks.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is a book that I didn’t want to read. Hush Hush had come out when the last book to the Fallen saga had been published. Intriuging as the synopsis was, I didn’t want to get wrapped up in another angel story. It’s been some time now since Rapture was published, so I’m willing to give Hush Hush a go.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler – I really enjoyed her other novels, and everyone seems to love this new novel of hers, so I’m actually really looking forward to finally reading this book!

Traveler by Arwen Elys Dayton Traveler is the second book to the Seeker series, and I’m actually very iffy about reading getting into this book. I didn’t like Seeker as much as I had hoped I would. I’ll still give this one a try though!

These are the books that I currently have out from my libraries. Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think of them?

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a great rest of your day or night, wherever you’re from.

Until next time,

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