Down From the Mountain by Elizabeth Fixmer | ARC – Book Review #74


Eva just wants to be a good disciple of Righteous Path. She grew up knowing that she’s among the chosen few to be saved from Armageddon. Lately, though, being saved feels awfully treacherous. Ever since they moved to the compound in Colorado, their food supplies have dwindled even while their leader, Ezekiel, has stockpiled weapons. The only money comes from the jewelry Eva makes and sells down in Boulder—a purpose she’ll serve until she becomes one of Ezekiel’s wives. But a college student named Trevor and the other “heathens” she meets on her trips beyond the compound are far different from what she’s been led to believe. Now Eva doesn’t know which is more dangerous—the outside world, or Brother Ezekiel’s plans . . .’

Down From the Mountain seemed like a really interesting book. Not only is the books cover really pretty but both cover and book synopsis were intriguing to me. 

Unfortunately, I can’t finish this book. The story gives me some pretty bad anxiety. I won’t deny that there are some good parts in the 25% of the story that I did manage to read though. Like Eva’s interactions with her cabin mates.

Fixmer’s writing is alright, and she wrote some good descriptions of stuff. Like how different the world was to how Eva was used to. I liked that she had the curiosity that Eva has. I just don’t like and can’t get over some other parts of the book. The parts that I’m talking about piss me off so goddamn much. There are so many things that make me angry. I…it just baffles me that people have lived and who are living this way. This also makes me really angry, and ugggh. I just can’t right now.

I did not, and don’t think I ever will, finish Down From the Mountain, unfortunately. This book and I are not a good match.

Thank you to netgalley, and to Albert Whitman & Company for allowing me to read this book. I’m sorry it didn’t work out!!

Thanks for reading,

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