Friday Finds | #2

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I didn’t do a Friday Finds last week! I’m only kind of sorry! Also, am I the only one lately that doesn’t have the time to read lately? I seem to have been sucked into my tumblr, and participating in groups & discussions on GoodReads. And Instagram has a lot of my attention too! There are so many social media platforms that are out in the world! Instagram is honestly so easy.

I’m answering an ask for a recommendation over on my tumblr account, and because I was looking for books to recommend, I found a few books that are pretty interesting (the book covers will take you to the book on GoodReads!).


The first book that I found was Whisper to Me by Nick Lake. What drew me -of course- was the cover, aka the sinker, and then the synopsis, which has so much intrigue is definitely the sinker for me. The synopsis starts off with a girl who is writing a letter to her ex-boyfriend. Cassie has broken up with her boyfriend; I don’t even know if they’re in a relationship.. Anyway, Cassie broke whatever-it-was with her boyfriend because her father didn’t like the boy, which just makes me go “eh” because really, you shouldn’t let other people dictate your relationships with people. ANYWAY. I’m trying to stay on track here!! Cassie is desperate for this guys’ forgiveness, and then she ultimately finds herself through her love for him.

Which is just really confusing. Now that I’m thinking about the synopsis now, I’m really getting the vibes from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. It’s the letter writing part. I’m sure of it. There’s giveaway that’s going on as well. If you click the cover of the book, it’ll take you to the Whisper to Me on GoodReads, and from there you should be able to see the giveaway! Unfortunately, the giveaway is only for the US and Canada.


The second book I found today, or rather, the second book that caught my attention, was Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson. From just reading the synopsis, I can already tell that Shattered Ties is going to be an emotional read. I figure that the characters are going to be emotionally charged. Almost like one of Colleen Hoover’s books, perhaps? I won’t know until I get a hands on a copy, physical or not, buuuut I am super excited to read Shattered Ties!


The Telling by Alexandra Sirowy is a story about a girl who has compartmentalized her life into two main themes: her life before, and her life after. Her step-brother has died and now Lana is doing things she didn’t do before. She’s boldly kissing her crush, jumping from high places into water.. Soon there are deaths that can only be from fairy tales and terrors that were long forgotten. The Telling is about Love, Blood, and Murder.

Aside from the cover, because lets face it, pretty covers are the reason I live, I’m very intrigued by the story. Hopefully I’ll be able to borrow this book from the library!


So Reboot is about a time in out future when people get fatally hurt, i.e. shot three times in the chest, the government can bring you back to life. When someone is brought back they’re then known as a Reboot. I’m believing that there are different types of levels they can bring you back as. And the main character, Wren, who was shot three times in the chest, is brought back as one of the fastest Reboots there are.

Wren works as a trainer. When a new trainee comes in to be trained he’s one of the slowest there are; he’s practically human. Callum always comes armed with a smile that Wren thinks is off putting. When Callum refuses to follow an order, this puts both himself and Wren in danger. If Callum doesn’t comply, he could get terminated. If Wren doesn’t make him comply, she could be terminated as well.

I’m going to get Reboot out of the library, for sure. I have no idea when I’ll read this, but I will one day. And if I can’t get Reboot out from the library, I’ll try to buy it on Kobo! I’m excited to see what Amy Tintera has written!

That’s all for this bi-weekly’s Friday Finds! If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,

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