Christmas Gift Book Haul of 2015 | Book Haul #2

Wow! This post is super late. I finally got all the books though, that I got for Christmas. I waited a while because I didn’t know what to do with some money that I got. I thought to myself, should I get a hair cut? Should I pay a bill? Should I just buy books? ‘Cause its Christmas money, you know? When I’m given money either on my birthday, or for Christmas I think to myself (I won’t break out into song, I swear!), should I be responsible with this money, or should I treat myself? I always end up treating myself. I figure that they wouldn’t give me this money in the first place if they wanted to pay my bills, so, TREATING MYSELF IT IS! In the picture below are the physical copies of books I received on Christmas, with the e-books I got on my Kobo; which aren’t pictured, below! So here are the books I got this Christmas:


The School of Good and Evil Trilogy by Soman Chainani

I’ve been wanting -for a while now- to read this trilogy. I’ve already read The School for Good and Evil, which is the first book. I haven’t read A World Without Princes, or The Last Ever After. Honestly, I am looking forward to reading these books! I started to read the second book; just the first few pages, a few days after the Christmas of ’14. That’s the year that I got my kobo, and also when I bought book 1 & 2 of this series, hahaha. The last book is SO BIG THOUGH. At least in comparison to the first two books.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

I’d gotten a gift card to Chapters, but spent half of it on Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and then just decided to use the rest of the gift card for ebooks. Anyway, I just finished reading The Dream Thieves last night and I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE CLIFF HANGER. I got this a while ago actually. On January 1st I believe! I’ll do another haul at the end of January, ahah. Even though I now own Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I don’t think I’m going to read it for a while yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to read it until I have the paperback version of The Raven King in my hands!!

Far From You by Tess Sharpe

I actually read Far From You quite a few years ago, in my early blogging days, when I was not writing reviews. But since @ladybookmad, over on Tumblr, has read it, and slightly talking about it has just resurfaced memories from me reading it, and bringing along all the feels as well. I also remember telling myself that I would one day own this book, but not in hardcover. So I got this in paper back, and for free! I only had to pay the taxes! I did really enjoy Far From You though. There’s murder, mystery and intrigue, along with female Bisexual, and Lesbian representation!

And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard

I, again, read this book a few years ago. I think I read And We Stay around the time when I read Far From You, actually. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy this book unless it was on sale, and lo and behold! It’s been on sale for about $5 Canadian at Chapters!

And We Stay is a super emotional read. There are quite a few things that happen in this book. Going back and forth between present day and the past, Emily overcomes a lot of things. Like her boyfriend killing herself, after threatening her. Emily is ultimately guilt ridden and is sent to an all-girl boarding school, where she then learns to forgive herself, and come to terms with events that were well out of her hands.

The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

I’ve honestly been waiting for this book for a looong time, but I was too stubborn to borrow this book from the library, and since I have no job, I had no money to go out and buy it. Therefore I forgot that The Winner’s Crime even existed and put it out of my memory. At least until my cousin asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Then I thought for a while and remembered that The Winner’s Crime did indeed exist, and had been published for a while! Now I have it, and am waiting for the right time to read this sequel!!

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I got Passenger; originally, out from the library. And then I almost started reading the book, and then thought not to. So I put it aside.. And ultimately returned this book. Me keeping the library’s copy, what I think as me personally holding it hostage, lol, wouldn’t be fair to the other library patrons who had this book on hold. I then returned it, and bought a copy of my own! I’m happy that I now own and have a copy. I just have absolutely no idea when I’m going to actually get around to reading it. I usually only read historical fiction novels once in a while because I can’t deal with the racism, and general wrongness to those novels. I am looking forward to what Bracken has brought to the table though!

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

I read The Darkest Part of the Forest back in ’15 when I borrowed it from my library, and absolutely loved it. Then I returned it, and bought an ebook copy for my kobo. My sister has tried reading it, and unfortunately can’t get into it.. Which is totally okay. We all have our preferences. Nevertheless though, I had the chance to buy this book -finally-, so I did! I’m so excited to jump back into this story. The Darkest Part of the Forest is honestly a great book to read and reread. I love the characters, and I absolutely love love love the LGBT representation! And the main character doesn’t get into a love triangle! Amazing, truly.

Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Müller

I had stated a while back, like a while ago to my mom and dad that I couldn’t find a copy of Anne Frank’s journal that I liked. I just want a copy of her journal, without all the gibberish, I guess, in the novels. Do you guys know of one? I know I saw one a while back on tumblr, but I’ve lost that picture a long time ago.

I’m intrigued though, at what this biography entails to though, so I’m going to keep it. I also think that this is one of the few gifts my dad has bought me that my mom hasn’t gotten. So I’m keeping it. I haven’t even read this book yet, and the book means a lot to me..

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

I’ve been so freaking intrigued by this book for what feels like forever! And this book seems like a great coffee table book, so when I move out (whenever that happens, yikes) I have a great coffee table book to look forward to! Although, when I’m feeling down, I can always pick this book up and read a random page! I’ve read a few pages already and I really like the vibe that this book gives off. Humans of New York is a great pick me up book. I love the fact that these people of all ages have given us a part of their lives. Whether their part of the book is a page long, or just a paragraph. Maybe it’s even a sentence. I like that Brandon Stanton has gone around and done this. I’m keeping this book for a long time!

Harry Potter Colouring Book

Who doesn’t want a Harry Potter Colouring book?! My brother and his wife got me this book and I’ve photocopied two pictures and have stared colouring them! I don’t want to actually colour in the book, because I want to keep this for a long while yet, so I figured that photocopying would be the next best bet. And it is! I’m having fun with the colouring book.

I got some ebooks as well, and because they’re not pictured, I’ll just list the books here and then talk about them below! Now I can talk a little about the books I bought with a Christmas gift card!

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

I actually have the second book, Siren’s Fury, as a Galley. I thought that the second book was the first, and gah, it isn’t and none of the libraries that I go to actually have a copy of Storm Siren, so I bought it myself. I’m actually suprised that I’m looking forward to reading Storm Siren to be honest with you. I don’t know what’s making me look forward to reading. Maybe it’s the cover? The cover’s are pretty.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

When I bought this book, I actually thought of my friend, Cat, and her review of The Bone Season. I’ve heard only great things about The Bone Season. After Christmas a lot of e-books were on a crazy discount! When I bought this book, it was $3!! That is such a steal! I bought it and haven’t looked back since!

Hey Sunshine by Tia Giacalone

I actually got Hey Sunshine because I can’t find a physical copy of the book here in Canada. So I did the next best thing and bought a copy off of Kobo! Hey Sunshine is a New Adult novel with a sequel, so I bought both, as you’ll see below. Anyway, Hey Sunshine was brought to my attention by Taylor, over on Instagram (@taylorreads), and(!) tumblr (@taylorreadsbooks). I’m holding out on reading Hey Sunshine until I have the time to read it. Who knows though! Maybe I’ll get around to reading it on my commute to and from the library, haha.

Night Fox by Tia Giacalone

Night Fox is the second book to Hey Sunshine, and because I haven’t even read Hey Sunshine yet, I haven’t read the synopsis for Night Fox. I’m saving both of us from being spoiled!! I am excited though to read Night Fox. Night Fox seems to be told from a males point of view. I’m addicted to New Adult books that are duologies that are told from the females POV and then in the second book is told from the male POV. Obsessed! I’m looking forward to this duology. And the covers are so pretty!!!

Red by Alyxandra Harvey

About a week ago I wrote up a Friday Finds post, when I actually found Red. As far as I know, Red is a standalone, and the story features a teenage girl who has Pyrokinesis. And her hair is the colour of fire, and just as hot, if not hotter. And one day she gets kicked out of school and then Kia -the main character- gets sent to live with her grandmother.

Red is actually the 666th book on my TBR, so that only has to mean that this book is going to be great! Hahaha!

Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard

Queen Song is a novella to the Red Queen series, I bought Queen Song for $3. Queen Song is from the point of view of Queen Corriane, the first wife to King Tiberias; who is the mother of my beloved first prince. Whom I’ve forgotten his name, whoops. Haha..

Steel Scars by Victoria Aveyard

Is the second novella to the Red Queen series, and read from Farley’s point of view. That’s all I know so far. Nonetheless, I’m very curious as to what Farley’s story is. She’s an important figure in Red Queen, and I’d like to know a little more about her.

Night Study by Maria V. Snyder 

OK, so Night Study isn’t out yet. It’s being published on January 26th this month. I don’t even know what it’s about because I haven’t read the first book yet. My sister has wanted to read it since she finished the first book last year-ish. I am looking forward to catching up with the Study series though! I have to reread the Poison Study series, ’cause I want to review the books, and also just smoothly go into the new study series. I haven’t told my sister that the book is being published so I hope she gets excited when she sees this in the Kobo app!

Okay! So that’s all the books I got this past Christmas! I hope you all had a great holiday? Did you get any books for Christmas that you’re looking forward to read?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Book Haul of 2015 | Book Haul #2

  1. cozyrainydaybooks says:

    Blue Lily, Lily Blue!! I still have to buy myself the paperback version (I read one of the library copies- and now I just realized I should request a copy of The Raven King). I want to own the whole series in paperback. Isn’t it a great series?

    You have to let me know what you think about Passenger. I’m on the fence about picking it up because I don’t really care about time travel/historical books but it is written by Alexandra Bracken and looks very pretty.


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