Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover | Book Review #60


Layken and Will have managed to overcome the obstacles that threatened to destroy their love, proving that they are destined for one another. What they are about to learn, however, is that the things that have brought them together may be the very things that ruin their connection forever…

Layken is left second-guessing the relationship whilst Will is jumping over hurdles to prove his love for her. What the young lovers discover about themselves along this journey may change their entire world, and the lives of those who depend upon them the most…

Point of Retreat is the second book to Slammed, so if you haven’t read Slammed yet, you should!

I didn’t expect to see this point of view in this book. I’m glad I got to read it in this perspective though!

So, Point of Retreat is in Will’s point of view. And let me tell you; Will’s view is just as intense as Layken’s story was.

In this emotional sequel, Layken and Will’s relationship is tested big time. With a recent loss to the family, there are new challenges in Layken’s life. And Will is very proud of her. Will knew how strong Layken was, but with this new responsibility added into Layken’s life, we see just how much Will love’s and adore’s Layken.

Point of Retreat showed me how much a person can affect your life, and the lives around you.

A lot of stuff happens Point of Retreat. Will and Layken are tested in so many different ways. We see how strong Layken can be, and we see how much Will loves Layken. Point of Retreat, though, is still a pretty heart-breaking novel. I’m so glad I got the chance to read this novel. As intense as it is, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Thanks for reading!

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