Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger | Book Review #54


‘Vane Weston should have died in the category-five tornado that killed his parents. Instead, he woke up in a pile of rubble with no memories of his past – except one: a beautiful, dark-haired girl standing in the winds. She swept through his dreams ever since, and he clings to the hope that she’s real.

Audra is real, but she isn’t human. She’s a sylph, and air elemental who can walk on the wind, translate its alluring songs, even twists into a weapon. She’s also a guardian – Vane’s guardian – and has sworn an oath to protect him at all costs. 

When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both families, Adura has just days to help Vane unlock his memories. And as the storm winds gather, Audra and Vane start to realize that the greatest danger might not be the warriors coming to destroy them, but the forbidden romance growing between them.’

Let the Sky Fall has a really creative set up. I mean, people who can walk on the air?! Holy crap. You know how you just read something in a books synopsis, and think “Yep. This. Im gonna read this.” I did that for Let the Sky Fall and I AM SO GLAD I DID. The story centres around these people who; among their own people, are called Sylphs. I dont know if there are any legends around these Sylphs but, in this story, they’re wind talkers.

Shannon’s writing is so emotional and so descriptive that I was immediately pulled into this world. And the ‘wind talk’ in this book, HOLY SHIT. OKAY? HOLY SHIT. It’s so interesting, Im not even kidding. The idea that these characters have the ability to do this; talk to the wind in the wind’s language and then have the wind respond to these commands… SO AMAZING.

Though the “big-bang” in this book was pretty predictable, the rest of the book is highly entertaining. I had so much fun reading this book. And I can honestly say that I really like these characters. ALSO, HELLO, THERE IS. NO. LOVE TRIANGLE. LIKE, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. NO LOVE TRIANGLE. I mean, I can let it slip that there is a meek attempt at one, but one of the characters stop it form happening, and I think that is just so freaking funny.

Lets talk about Vane. Ah, Vane. Freaking hell, man. Yet another male character I adore. With his memories missing, he likes life as a human and very truly cant remember his life before he was adopted. Don’t worry, Im not spoiling anything, you learn this within the first few pages. Anyway, Vane really loves his life. He has this dream girl -quite literally- come to life and he cant believe his eyes. And later that night he gets the bejesus scared out of him when guess who? YEP! Dream girl scares him. It was quite hilarious reading it.

When said girl introduces herself as Audra, the story really begins. For someone who had purposely distanced herself from everyone, done as she’s been told for a long time, Audra sure has a lot of guts. And in her line of duty, it makes sense, really. But there’s more than meets the eye when the focus of the story is on Audra. We learn that for a long time, after a tragic accident, that Audra’s mother was very emotionally distant.

You guys, I am really glad that I got the chance to read this. I originally got this out of the library a few months back, and now that Im reviewing it, Im getting a case of the feels. I kinda want to go out to my nearest Chapters and buy Let the Sky Fall.
 I am so excited to read the second book whenever I decide to request if from the library!!

You can find Let the Sky Fall on GoodReads.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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