Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton | Book Review #25


‘Megan doesn’t speak. She hasn’t spoken in months. 

Pushing away the people she cares about is just a small price to pay. Because there are things locked inside Megan’s head – things that are screaming to be heard – that she cannot, must not, let out.

Then Jasmine starts school: bubbly, beautiful, talkative Jasmine. And for reasons Megan can’t quite understand, life starts to look a bit brighter. 

Megan would love to speak again, and it seems like Jasmine might be the answer. But if she finds her voice, will she lose everything else?’

**Please Note: There are events in this novel that result in a character’s death, and another character who has moderate to severe Paranoia.**

Unspeakable is a captivating novel. When we start reading, we’re introduced to the main character, Megan. We don’t know why, but Megan is a mute. She doesn’t talk. She hasn’t talked since a fatal accident her best friend was in.

While reading Unspeakable I was very intrigued. There is so much mystery around as to what actually happened. And Megan is teased daily by her fellow classmates. Both in and out of school. This just meant that this was even more of a cause to stay quiet.

Megan suffers from so much guilt. While first reading Unspeakable, I had actually thought that Megan was suffering from survivors guilt, because thats what Megan’s symptoms came across as. Megan believes its her fault that her best-friend died. When a new girl comes to town though, things turn around for Megan. In ways that I didn’t really imagine.

I had predicted the plot twist, but let me say that I did not predict the plot twist that came with the plot twist. That sentence might be confusing, but that’s how it was!

I really like Unspeakable. The mystery is great, and there are LGBTQIA Characters!!!

If you’re interested in reading this novel, you can find Unspeakable on GoodReads.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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