Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano | Book Review #16


‘Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets. Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates. Like her mother’s job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone’s skin. But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree and starts attacking students, leaving cryptic ads in the newspaper that only Nearly can decipher, she confides in the one person she shouldn’t trust: the new guy at school–a reformed bad bay working undercover for the police, doing surveillance. . . on her. 

Nearly might be the one person who can put the clues together, and if she doesn’t figure it all out soon–she’ll be next.’

***Please Note: Nearly Gone is on the trigger list for: Murder, Attempted Murder, Gun Violence, Drug Usage, and Drowning.***

I was really excited to read Nearly Gone. Let me tell you: I am not disappointed. I love this book. The characters, the setting(s), the writing. All of it. I even love the cover. I even love the title. The title is so sneaky!

Nearly Gone is really good. I was so swept up in the story that I actually ended up finishing the book in one sitting. And that ending! The ending was something that I hadn’t expected at all! Talk about plot twist, hello.

The writing is excellent. The story has a great plot. There are awesome characters in this book. Everything fits together well. There is so much character development within the characters, and main character; Nearly, as well. So much so that Nearly is practically a different person by the time the book ends.

I really like the main character. Nearly – I don’t even know how to describe her. She doesn’t like being touched. Thats for sure. She’s also really smart. Like, one of the smartest in her class. She knows when to pick her battles, and what ones to just slip by. She’s kind of idiotic, really. Some of the stuff she did she could’ve ignored entirely; but like I said: Nearly knows which battles to choose.

One of the other characters, Reece, HAS GOTTEN UNDER MY SKIN. He’s very, um, morally ambiguous, I’d say. Reece has had a rough go in his time. And frankly, the decisions he’s made in his time are what brought him to this story. Reece is both bad guy, and the safe guy. Without Reece really being the safe guy, Cosimano has somehow written Reece into being one of my two favourite characters in the story. I LOVE REECE. AGGHHHH.

I can’t really say much about Nearly Gone without getting into much too detail because this book is actually a Young Adult thriller, and I don’t want to spoil anything.

All in all, I absolutely love this book!

Also!! Nearly Gone is part out a duology. The next book, Nearly Found, is currently out in stores!

Have you read Nearly Gone, yet? If not, check out Nearly Gone on GoodReads!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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