Library Reads | #1

Hello! The purpose of this post is because I’d really like to make library haul videos, but I don’t have the energy to film any videos. So I’m hoping that with these posts, I will remember what I read, when I read it!

Lets talk about the books now, shall we? From one of the libraries I go to, I currently have out: 

The Golem and The Jinni by Helene Wecker

I’m actually really intrigued by the cover and the title so when I saw that a booktuber had mentioned it in one of their videos, I was actually very sceptical about The Golem and the Jinni. I don’t really read Adult Fantasy, but the first 70 pages or so are really good and I’m looking forward to the end of the novel. I’ll have to request the book again when I return it in a few days though. I’ve run out of time to have the book in my possession! And I absolutely love the cover.

Until the Beginning (After the End, #2) by Amy Plum

I’ve read the first book, After the End, and I really loved it so I’m reading the second book! Im actually really excited for these characters that I grew so fond of in the first book. I only have a few days to read Until the Beginning, so I’ll have to finish up the book today. Right now though, in the story, I really like where the characters are at. They’ve hit some common ground and their relationship is budding and in the honeymoon stage. Which is nice to read about, but I also love the Fantasy side of the story as well.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

So I first heard of this book through Ariel Bissett’s videos and I think that she loved it and she may have raved about the story? And then I totally forgot about this book like, a week after I watched that video. Its always been at the back of my mind somehow, though. I think that’s because of the “24-Hour Bookstore” portion of the title. Who wouldn’t love a 24-Hour bookstore? That is the part that has me most intrigued.

Save Me by Jenny Elliott 

I think I saw this while I was at another library and then I had it checked out. Then with my memory, I totally forgot about the book and when it came time to return it, I actually read the synopsis, and decided to take it out from another library. Haha. ….Then I forgot about it, AGAIN! Now though, I have it (again) and I will absolutely try my hardest to read it! I’m dedicated to try to read this book!

How I Came To Sparkle Again by Kaya McLarin 

I saw this by chance on a book sale site a year or so ago, and because the cover is really pretty I decided to read the synopsis. It turns out that the book is set in a town where skiing is the main thing to do and the town is named Sparkle. How awesome is that?

I think I started this Library Reads thing because I wanted to document when I read these books I borrow from libraries. I wanted to share what books I get from the library and share my thoughts about them, before I read them. So this whole thing is pretty much like a ‘pre-read review’ type post. And with Library Books I also get to expand in what I read. If I happen to not like that book, then I return it and there won’t be any hard feelings.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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