ARC – Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce | Book Review #1


‘Forget cute fairies in pretty dresses. In the world of Aluvia  most fairies are more like irritable, moody insects. Almost everyone in the world of Aluvia views the fairy keeper mark as a gift, but not fourteen-year-old Sierra. She hates being a fairy keeper, but the birthmark is right there on the back of her neck. It shows everyone she was born with the natural ability to communicate, attract, and even control the tiny fairies whose nectar is amazingly powerful. Fairy nectar can heal people, but it is also a key ingredient in synthesizing Flight, and illegal elixir that produces dreaminess, apathy and hallucinations. She’s forced to care for a while hive of the bee-like beasties by her Flight-dealing, dark alchemist father.

Then one day, Sierra discovers the fairies of her hatch are mysteriously dead. The fairy queen is missing. Her father’s Flight operation is halted, and he plans to make up for the lost income by trading her little sister to be an elixir runner for another dark alchemist, a dangerous thug. Desperate to protect her sister, Sierra convinces her father she can retrieve the lost queen and get his operation up and running.

The problem? Sierra’s queen wasn’t the only queen to disappear. They’re all gone, every single one, and getting them back will be deadly dangerous.

Sierra journeys with her best friend and he worst enemy — assigned by her father to dog her every step — to find the missing queens. Along the way, they learn that more than just her sister’s life is at stake if they fail. There are secrets in the Skyclad Mountains where the last wild fairies were sen. The magic Sierra finds there has the power to transform their world, but only if she can first embrace her calling as a fairy keeper.’

I received a copy of this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Even though this ‘review’ is more of a ‘How I Feel’.

This story. Wow. Lets see if I can articulate how I feel about this book into words.

Fairy Keeper is a new look onto the fairy stories that I grew up with, and its very refreshing & exciting yet an imaginative and seriously breathtaking story. Some of the scenes in this book, the descriptions…man. I love some of the scenes in this book.

I have a feeling though, that this is the type of book that you will either hate or love. I am on the side of Loving It.

Fairy Keeper does have a slow start to the book, however somewhere around the halfway mark the story just starts to run off the pages. What I mean by that is that, the story just had me craving for more. Once I really started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Fairy Keeper became way more addictive than I thought. I still find myself thinking about some of the scenes from this book.

There is so much diversity in both the mythological aspect and the characters that are portrayed in this story. Bearce had a way of writing this where there were only a few characters where the spot light was on them but she also wrote it in a way where I felt like I knew everyone else in the story as well.

I dont think I’ve ever read a story where the protagonist is so morally sound. Sierra; the main character, has such a strong sense of self. Sierra is so…I dont know how how to describe her. She’s strong, she is so realistic. I connect with Sierra so much. Maybe that’s why I love this book.

Before I go on and on about how much I love this book though, I cant ignore the fact that there is yet another love triangle..and this irritated me to bits! I should counteract that with saying that the the triangle is dissolved quickly.

There are so many ways the story could go on from where the author left off though. And if Mrs. Bearce ever decides to write a second book, not only would I gladly read said book, but I would be honoured to go with Sierra on her next adventure.

With Fairy Keeper being a stand alone novel, I honestly feel that a second addition to this first book would be great! But this book would do way better as a duology or as a series because of what happened with the ending. Now that I know that Fairy Keeper is a standalone, it was a sweet little glimpse into Sierra’s story. And Sierra grew so much as a character. To think of Sierra at the beginning of the book and then remember how she was by the end, you can just see how much she grew as a character. Saying that though, I know that the other characters have so much potential to grow. Thus why I feel this book would do better not as a standalone.

The cover is really pretty in my opinion and Fairy Keeper is actually a fast read because its only 238 pages! I gave this book 5 stars, and I definitely recommend this book!

Thank you to Curiosity Quills Press for allowing me to read this book; via Netgalley!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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